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Expansion Wrap-Up

With WotLK coming to a close, there's not a lot of motivation to push content until Cataclysm is released. However, we still have some goals that we are going to achieve in the next month.Bane of the Fallen King (10 Player)We're one lockout of ge...
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Guild News

Lich King: 67, Prodigy: 1

"Easiest Fight In The Game" look, a video.Part 1 - 2 -
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Guild News

========>Prodigy&Tyranny's Joint Alt run<========

The Alt run was created for our Family/Friend/Second Team/Part Timers who didn't get to raid during the week. We've notice that the majority of the people that have these ranks were not able to make it every week, and performed very poorly with Ac...
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Guild News


Gratz to Alanious on Prodigy's first Shadowmourne!...*waits for screenshots*UPDATE: Video has been captured of Alanious receiving his dream...
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Good News Everyone!

10/12 !
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Guild News

New Website!

We've got a new website, and we're promising more activity than our old one. Why is this website going to be better?1) More awesome forums.2) A calendar that'll be up to date.3) ?4) Profit.For our visitors, here's what we've accomplished recently...
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